Managed PROGRAMMATIC Advertising Solutions to Engage
the Right Person at the Right Time

Cross Platform Audience Targeting

250 million individuals and 140 million households across the U.S. and Canada. Over 750 data variables with no inferred audience segmentation. Access to desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, IP radio and TV

Mobile Location Targeting

We’re connected to over 40,000 mobile apps used by more than 100 million consumers. We collect over 300 billion pieces of privacy-friendly location data every month that’s used to better understand consumers. Location-based marketing strategies require accurate data. We evaluate every piece of data, so we only serve the most accurate ads. Partnering with industry leaders with the most experience managing complex location data enables us to not only offer location filtering technology but offer it with scale.


The places consumers shop, travel, and play tell you a lot about their likes and dislikes. Marketers can use our location data to re-target customers who recently visited certain physical locations. Engage consumers based on their real world actions.

Contextual Targeting

We leverage contextual data—such as the day of the week, the time of day, the weather, or other environmental drivers allowing us to deliver the true context of a mobile user’s current location.


We aggregate inventory across device types including desktop, mobile, connected TV and Linear to find video consumers wherever they are. We source inventory from multiple private and public sources to create a massive universe of quality inventory, delivering over 3B monthly video impressions.

Digital Audio

We combine streaming digital audio and programmatic technologies to allow advertisers to reach listeners on any device at scale. The Right Target at the Right Time!

Third Party Data Targeting

Winstar leverages data directly from the brand or from 3rd party data providers to supplement our existing platform infrastructure. This data provides additional information about particular mobile users and can include information such as spending habits or household net worth.


Our Display inventory is transparent and allows advertisers access 10,000+ websites. Offering global reach, vertical markets and many additional targeting options.

Social Media

Native In-stream posts and triggers

Creative Engagement Strategies

Gamification/Coupons/Sweepstakes/Custom Creative Development

  • HTML5 Engagement Elements
  • Interactive experiences including games, coupons, video, & quizzes
  • Drive consumers down the funnel: Discovery, Engagement, Acquisition, Retention
  • Create once, publish anywhere
  • Event tracking & user data captured on an individual basis
  • Gamification & Custom Prizes
  • Library of templates
  • Automatically generates attribution data
  • Can create custom landing pages in Javascript / CSS