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BENEFITS OF Digital Marketing Group
Buying Platform

The more members that opt-in the lower the subscription cost!                                        As low as $100 per month per GAR Member!

Member Benefit

  • Gain access to the most advanced digital marketing tools at a fraction of the cost thru our proprietary group buying platform.
  • Tap into a dedicated team of digital marketing strategist and engineers focused on driving efficiency and effectiveness of each ad impression served.
  • Be one of the first 100 to opt-in to qualify for a chance to win $4k in digital advertising exclusively for your business.
Opt-in Prior to the End of  May to Save

Exclusive to GAR Member Real Estate Professionals

  • High profile digital marketing tools including CTV, Native, Display, Social and much more.
  • Unique dynamically inserted creative technology aligns the proper realtor with the location of each ad call.
  • Fully supported ad operations and digital media production services.
  • Turn-key! Once 50 GAR members have opted-in, campaigns will go live.
  • Looking to get started right away? No problem our individual digital marketing plans start at $399 per month per member!
Questions? Contact your Digital Marketing Strategist:
 Aaron Seligman Email:  Phone:  561.227-0602



Quarterly Member Webinar Series

Join Together with Fellow GAR Members to Save Big Time!

Exclusive Pricing For GAR Members!

Early Bird Discount!!!  The First 50 Members Who Opt-In to an Individual Digital Media Package will Receive 20% Discount on Their Lifetime Group Buying Platform Monthly Subscription Fee!!!

Advanced GeoLocation Combined with Dynamically Inserted Creative Technology Delivers the Right Realtor at the Right Time!

Maximize visibility using the most visible digital marketing tools available


Winstar offers a full portfolio of IAB standard ad sizes including Rich Media and Gamification creative designed for impactful engagement and the highest conversion potential.

Winstar Digital Display targets custom audience segments using location, behavioral, and contextual elements of targeting in order to serve the right ad to the right person at the right time!


Audio messaging integrated with an arsenal of targeting, optimization and attribution technology to reach users consuming audio on their digital devices.

The Winstar Interactive "AudioScape" solution Combines streaming digital audio and programmatic technologies we allow advertisers to reach listeners at scale when listening to music, news, sports talk, podcasts and many more. Winstar's true Listen-thru attribution allows for tracking all post impression website activity.


We simplify the media buying process to reach TV audiences on digital devices. Premium TV inventory, pricing efficiencies, digital targeting and unmatched transparency.

Digital TV/OTT

We aggregate inventory across device types including desktop, mobile, connected TV and linear to find video consumers wherever they are, delivering over 3B monthly video impressions.


In-content ads that seamlessly integrate with a publishers content, look and feel of their website. Native ads build trust with users resulting in higher ctr, better conversion.


In-content Native Display and Native Video ads build trust with publishers audience and result in higher CTR which convert at higher rates than traditional Display.


Easily convert CRM or Direct Mails lists to IP’s and serve your message Digitally. Winstar’s Digital Direct Mail is a fraction of the cost of Direct Mail.

CRM/Digital Direct Mail

Convert your CRM list to IP's and apply our Look-alike modeling to expand your list. Digital Direct Mail allows for multiple messages to be sent within the campaign flight, or as a preemptive awareness to a direct mail piece.


Custom 1st & 3rd party data segment targeting


Leveraging audience data from consumer spending, online contextual behavior to define an ideal target audience with the highest probability to convert!


The Winstar Platform makes digital advertising and programmatic more flexible, and the ability to buy digital media across a vast network of publishers, saving time, money, and reducing administration costs.


The Winstar Interactive Platform which is a DSP or Demand Side Platform combines best in breed mobile technology – Location-Based Technology + High Impact high conversion engagement Ads!


Social Audits, Platform Setup, Strategy & Content Creation, Social Media Management, Community Management, Design, Social Promotions, Reviews & Reputation Building, Social Influencer Marketing, Sponsored Advertising


Get your brand presence and attract new customers on all social platforms