Thinking of bringing programmatic duties in-house?

Before hiring data scientists, traders, platform managers, operators and strategists consider the cost and time you will save putting our turn-key programmatic buying solution to work. 

We welcome custom partner terms and new requests. You choose the model that works best for your brand/company/agency.     

Who We Support

  • Advertising Agencies

  • National, Regional & Local Brands

  • Traditional Media Firms


DSP Management

Winstar’s tech stack includes an assortment of leading demand technologies maximizing scale for your media campaigns across all platforms and formats.

Our extensive integration assures the most robust and advanced tech tools are available for each and every unique KPI that comes our way.

DMP Management

Winstar accesses over 60 data partners capable of delivering on all your audience, geographic, behavioral, retargeting, contextual, cross device  and more goals.

Partnering with Winstar to manage your digital campaigns provides the proper experience for integrating all kinds of data into campaigns including 1st, 2nd and 3rd party while maintaining the efficiencies and scale required.

Inventory Buying

The Winstar trading floor encompasses a team of platform managers with a combined 20+ years digital ad serving and buying experience. Maximizing efficiencies with every impression served.

Managing programmatic ad buys require significant knowledge and experience with the levers and pipes within the digital advertising ecosystem. Winstar's traders deliver that experience maximizing bid and media cost savings for you.


Dedicated to assuring every campaign reaches its goals Winstar incorporates a combined strategy of the most advanced technologies with proper manual oversight.

Putting the Winstar platform team to work will guarantee that all optimization strategies are in place from the initial launch through the completion of every campaign.

Campaign Reporting

The Winstar reporting team delivers weekly/monthly campaign reports and end of campaign wrap ups.

Save hours every week by relying on our expert campaign insight and reporting team to efficiently process accurate reports on all your digital campaigns every week/month.

Accounts Payable/Receivable

Dedicated finance team with 25+ years experience managing AP/AR

Leverage our experience with AP/AR to minimize aging and maximize cash on hand.

Pre/During/Post Support

Our campaign strategists work with your team from initial strategy through end of campaign reporting.

The Winstar account strategist assigned to your business will work with your team as needed to assure everything you need and want from our team is completed and on time.

Campaign Strategy

Supported by an experienced platform and strategist team every step of the way provides everything you will need to develop the exact campaign strategy for your digital marketing campaigns.

Your team will gain access to in-person, zoom video and teleconference training sessions. Additional sales support services are available as necessary.

Collateral and Design

Google drive folder with white labeled collateral will be made available on day 1 of your partnership.

Focus your time on business critical tasks and leave the collateral and pitch material to us. Your team will have a full roster of collateral to choose from. Custom design work available upon request.

Contact our partner team today to maximize efficiencies in your digital & programmatic marketing