The Power of an Omnichannel Approach to Programmatic Media Buying

In the diverse digital landscape of today, an effective brand strategy necessitates a seamless message and experience across multiple channels. The omnichannel approach to programmatic media buying provides the solution, uniting the strengths of each platform for a consistent brand story. Delving deeper, let’s examine how Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), Connected TV/Over-the-Top (CTV/OTT), Digital Audio, Podcasts, and Display Advertising work together across the marketing funnel, and how retargeting and attribution technologies play crucial roles in this intricate dance.

Digital Display & Banner Ads: The Visual Introduction

Role in the Funnel: Top of the funnel – Building brand awareness

Digital display ads, found on websites and apps, act as the initial visual touchpoint for many. With the precision of programmatic buying, these ads can specifically target relevant demographics, immediately establishing brand identity.

DOOH: Merging Digital with the Real World

Role in the Funnel: Top to middle of the funnel – Extending brand presence

DOOH, featured in places like billboards, entertainment, retail, education and transit hubs, seamlessly links the digital with the tangible. Through programmatic strategies, DOOH ads can be timed perfectly to capture the attention of consumers on the go.

CTV/OTT: Engaging Audiences in Their Comfort Zones

Role in the Funnel: Middle of the funnel – Deepening engagement

The rise of CTV and OTT platforms has reshaped content consumption patterns. For brands, this means opportunities to captivate audiences with tailor-made content, optimizing the message based on viewing habits.

Digital Audio & Podcasts: Tapping into the Auditory Realm

Role in the Funnel: Middle to bottom of the funnel – Building connection and driving consideration

Through digital audio streams and podcasts, brands have a unique channel to resonate with users. Music connects emotionally, while podcasts provide in-depth narratives. Brands can weave their messages into these platforms, offering relevant content or sponsorships.

Retargeting: Refining the Message for Transactions

A powerful tool in the digital marketer’s arsenal, retargeting allows brands to reconnect with users who’ve previously interacted with their content across any channel. By serving them more specific ads based on their prior engagements, brands can guide users down the funnel more effectively, ultimately driving transactions and conversions.

3rd Party Attribution Technologies: Measuring Real-world Impact

Incorporating third-party attribution tools is essential in today’s digital advertising landscape. These technologies offer tangible insights into campaign efficacy, tracking parameters like foot traffic to brick-and-mortar locations, brand lift in consumer perception, and actual sales conversions. By understanding the cause-and-effect relationship between media spend and these key performance indicators, brands can optimize their strategies for maximum return on investment.

The Symphony of Omnichannel Strategy

When these channels, retargeting strategies, and attribution tools come together, the result is a powerful symphony of brand messaging. From a commuter’s engagement with a DOOH billboard to a listener’s interaction with a podcast ad, and then their eventual conversion after a retargeted ad, the consumer’s journey is more tracked, consistent, and optimized than ever before.

To learn how your brand can take an omnichannel approach to programmatic media buying, reinforced with retargeting and backed by robust attribution technologies contact your Winstar representative who will walk you through the various platform capabilities specific to your goals and objectives.

Written by: wimsadmin