Winstar in Europe

So while on vacation in Europe this summer, I’ve decided to write a blog citing the differences in digital advertising here in Europe vs. in the U.S. since the roll-out of GDPR.  GDPR went into effect in late May in the European Union countries.  Since then, the data that websites/apps collect about you (your device) must be protected and you (the consumer) immediately notified in case of a data breach.  It is also suppose to make it easier to know what data is being collected about you.

After 2 days in London, I’ve only noticed a couple of differences:GDRP

First of all, what’s up with driving on the left hand side of the road?!?!  Our bus driver deserves a medal for safely driving us around.  Plus, London is BUSY!!!  It’s extremely crowded and traffic is terrible.  But totally worth it though to see Westminster, Windsor Castle, MI-6 headquarters (for you James Bond types), Tower of London, and so much more.  London is steeped in tradition and history.  A site really doesn’t have historical significance unless it was built prior to 1800…   

  1. Public  WiFi connections all ask for your personal info (name, phone, email) with a notification about GDPR being in effect and how you could access what info was being collected.  I don’t use a ton of public WiFi back home, but very few asked for this info.
  1. The common websites I visit (,, etc.) all have pop-up windows to notify you of updates in data collected due to GDBR.  They also now disclose that cookies would be set on your device.
  2. I’m seeing fewer “sponsored” ads on Facebook.  Will keep checking this as I’m not sure if it’s due to GDPR or just my new location.

More to come from our next stop, PARIS!!!,

Mark Crona

Dir of Business Development


Written by: Mark Crona