Programmatic Advertising

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The advertising industry has seen significant developments in recent times, with programmatic advertising emerging as the leader. CTV and podcast consumption has increased significantly, giving marketers more avenues to effectively target their audience. This blog post looks into the benefits of programmatic advertising and how brands can benefit from this tool.

Digital advertising has evolved a great deal since its introduction in the form of banner ads and pop-ups. Thanks to the advent of the internet and the growing use of social media, advertisers can now use advanced targeting methods. Programmatic advertising has been a key contributor to this development and has become a popular choice among brands to reach out to their consumers.

Programmatic advertising is a way of buying and selling digital advertising space, leveraging data and technology to connect advertisers to their target audiences more accurately. The first digital advertising platforms came into existence in the mid-90s, however, it wasn’t until the early 2000s that it began to gain recognition. With the emergence of ad networks and exchanges, advertisers could easily buy bulk ad spaces from publishers, and programmatic advertising has revolutionized the process further.

In a nutshell, publishers work with supply-side platforms (SSPs) providing ad spaces for sale, and demand-side platforms (DSPs) connect buyers to publishers. Advertising agencies, SSPs, and DSPs all have a part to play in this process, with DSPs enabling advertisers to bid for ad spaces in real time. Companies such as AdWizz, Amazon, and Roku have become notable participants in this market.

Apart from giving brands access to target their desired audience more efficiently, programmatic advertising also gives them the opportunity to avail a vast amount of data about their customers such as their browsing history, purchasing behavior, and demographic information. This helps to fine-tune the ad targeting and ensures that the right people see the message.

Traditional advertising like radio and TV has not been able to give us the same insights about the ad’s effectiveness as programmatic advertising does. Programmatic advertising provides businesses an excellent opportunity to scale their reach to their target audience at an incredible rate. It can generate sales, boost brand recall, enhance engagement, and result in a positive return on investment.

Common use cases for programmatic advertising on the sell-side include increasing revenue and visibility of inventory. Whereas the buy-side benefits from the massive scale, efficiency, and flexibility of the advanced media buying process.  The result is better targeting and relevant insights for all parties.

The bottom line, programmatic advertising is an incredible tool that can be leveraged by brands to make an impact on their audience. The availability of real-time data and advanced targeting capabilities has made it an attractive option for many businesses. By partnering with experts in various media buying platforms, companies can ensure that they maximize their efficiencies and receive the best returns.

Written by: Dave Shamberger